Why Did We Shoot This?

The “thing” in the photo is something publicly visible around town. If you know what it is, tell us with as much detail and context as you can. Send your answers to editor@freeabq.com by 5 p.m. Friday, June 10.

May 18 Mystery PhotoNo one correctly identified the object in the mystery photo in our May 18-31 issue, although several people guessed the image was that of a lobo sculpture on the UNM campus.

In fact, the image was a close-up of the face of “Sparky,” a bronze dog sculpted by artist Glenna Goodacre and installed in 2004 at the Albuquerque Museum. Sparky made news in February when thieves stole the 100-pound sculpture and sold it for scrap. A scrap dealer who bought the dog returned it to authorities, and Sparky is now back in his place in the museum’s sculpture garden.


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