Readers: Bernie’s Your Man

ABQ Free Press readers don’t want Trump as President


ABQ Free Press readers overwhelming support Bernie Sanders for president and believe Donald Trump would be a disaster for America.

If the election were held during the May 4-13 online poll period, Sanders was the choice of slightly more than 58 percent of all respondents; Hillary Clinton, 17.9 percent; Donald Trump, 12.9 percent; Gary Johnson, 10 percent; and Jill Stein, 0.4 percent.

Slightly more than 63 percent of the 279 respondents to our unscientific poll identified themselves as Democrats; 11.5 percent as Republicans; 16.8 percent as independents; and 8.6 percent as belonging to other parties.

Seventy-seven percent of all respondents said Donald Trump would perform poorly or extremely poorly as president. Seventy-one percent said Sanders would perform well or extremely well. A little more than 38 percent said Clinton would do well or extremely well.

More than 80 percent of all respondents said they were extremely likely to vote in the June 7 primary; 94.3 percent said they were extremely likely to vote in November.

Based on the political makeup of the respondents, it was no surprise the harshest comments were directed at Trump.

“Trump, very scary anti-women, anti-nonwhite!” wrote one respondent.

“Dangerous moron,” wrote another.

Clinton did not escape unscathed.

“Hillary Clinton. No matter what political affiliation you hold, Hillary is a lying, manipulative, crooked politician who has a blatant disrespect for our military. She should be in prison,” wrote one reader.

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